Monitoring SSD longevity

Anyone who has investigated SSDs for server applications is aware that flash-based SSDs have a limited life span. NAND flash cells have a finite program/erase cycle limit, and though manufacturers use ever more sophisticated wear-level algorithms, the fact remains that the heavier your write activity to a device, the faster you will approach this limit. It would therefore be a good idea to monitor for wear indicators in much the same way that we monitor spinning disks for signs of impending failure (reallocated sectors, etc.)[Read More…]

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Will Accept Smart Grid In Lieu Of Jetpack

So, it’s almost 2010 and there’s no sign of my jetpack. That’s fine, it probably wasn’t such a great idea anyway (it would suck to commute in the rain). What I am excited about is smart power grids.

Working in the IT world, I’m accustomed to instrumenting a network with monitoring and trending data to keep tabs on performance and identify trouble spots. If a server’s network port is throwing a lot of errors, I want to know. I also want to know who in the office is running BitTorrent and degrading everyone else’s web browsing. It’s only natural that I’d want to do the same for the power “network” in my house. [Read More…]

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Spelling Matters

I consider myself a pretty good speller. I recognize that not everyone puts the same degree of emphasis on correct spelling as I do. Nevertheless, I think that if you’re going to write something that will be viewed or used by the public, then you should make sure it’s correct. This applies especially to program code. Read on for some fun.[Read More…]

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