Spelling Matters

I consider myself a pretty good speller. I recognize that not everyone puts the same degree of emphasis on correct spelling as I do. Nevertheless, I think that if you’re going to write something that will be viewed or used by the public, then you should make sure it’s correct. This applies especially to program code. Read on for some fun.[Read More…]

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Economical Shared Home Directories with Solaris and ZFS

At the $DAYJOB, we have a cluster of build systems that we use to test source trees on various platforms, including FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris. Some of these machines are fairly old, and have relatively puny hard drives by current standards, yet they continue to do their job just fine. We’ve simply begun to run low on local storage, as the source trees grow and developers need to work with multiple branch and tag checkouts.

Rather than try to boost local storage with extra drives (not a surefire solution everywhere), we focused our attention on a shared storage solution. The idea was to reuse some decommissioned hardware and create enough storage for every build system to be able to mount its home directories and give developers the space they need to do their work.[Read More…]

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