ZFS Nuts and Bolts

Today I gave a technical presentation at the $DAYJOB about ZFS. ZFS rocks my world. As a sysadmin, I use it literally every day, and have been since it debuted in Solaris 10 more than 2 years ago. It makes data storage simple yet powerful. I wanted to share what I’ve learned, and why I think ZFS is so cool.


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Cyber-this, Cyber-That

Ed Felten’s latest post on his “Freedom to Tinker” blog, entitled What’s the Cyber in Cyber-Security?, looks at the roots of the prefix “cyber” that has become ubiquitous in the public mind. I love finding out the origins of terms that we all take for granted and about which we don’t usually think in depth. Thanks, Ed.

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Welcome to the Future

Where’s my jetpack?

Happy 2008. We’re a little behind, you know. We’re supposed to be going to Jupiter by 2010. As it stands, we might make it to Mars in my lifetime. Apparently we’re too busy with all the other pressing matters before us.

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